Splash Screen

iDocent is designed to be a friendly guide to your guests at your location. When your guests first start the application, an appropriately themed screen will be presented as the program loads data.

Main Screen

Where I've Been

Where Is

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Docent Mode

The real workhorse of this application is the Docent mode screen. When your guests click on this screen, and (hopefully) plug in their ear-buds, they will get a description of the

What's Near (me)

What's near me, and how far away is it. Whether you are looking for the nearest service or exhibit/attraction, this screen will list everything that is within 1000 feet of you. This value can be adjusted based on the guests preference.

Where did I Park?

At larger venues, where parking can consist of several acres, it's useful to know where one has parked their car. This little feature solves that problem by showing the guest where they are (indicated by a blue circle) and where their car is (indicated by a pin) and their approximate distance to their vehicle.

Guest Favorites

This information is especially useful to your first time visitor. What exhibit/attraction have other guests enjoyed the most? Similar to the 'What's Near Me' screen, this screen displays all the attractions in order of ranking, and proximity. '


We ask all iDocent users to register with iDocent in order to provide them with a more personalized experience. By registering we can enable certain features in the application (like using twitter to post about their experience). If a user does not register, their experience will only be reduced by the inability to interact with Social Media.

iDocent Help

We love to help people use iDocent. This screen provides detailed information about each screen in an easy to comprehend presentation.

Provide Feedback

This screen allows your guests to provide feedback to you about their experience at your location. This information can either post to a designated email address, or stored in your database and retrieved from the iDocent Portal which, upon successful setup, you will be provided instructions on how to use.

About iDocent

This screen is the legal information we need to provide to our users.